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How to make Pom Pom Animals
Posted on 7th April 2020

You will need:
Cup or bowl to draw around
Paper to decorate
An adult to help

Step one 

  • Cut out 2 cardboard circles. (the bigger the circle the bigger the pom pom) Use a beaker or small bowl to draw around for a perfect circle.
  • Carefully cut out a hole in middle so the circles look like donuts. Cut a wedge out of each disc to make winding easier.

Step two

  • Place a long piece of wool between the 2 discs leaving 2 long ends. This will be used later to tie your pom pom

Step three

  • Now it’s time to start wrapping your wool. Insert the wool into the centre and start wrapping from the inside. Wrap the wool round and round until the circle in the middle closes. 
  • Remember the more times you wrap, the thicker the pom pom will be.

Step four

  • When you are happy with the thickness of wool, carefully insert scissors between the 2 cardboard discs and slowly cut through the wool, around the outer edge.
  • Take the 2 long ends from step 3 and pull up around the centre of the discs to tie the pom pom together. 

Step five

  • Remove the cardboard discs and trim the longer ends to make the pom pom fluffy and round.

Step six

  • Decorate your pom pom with eyes and ears to make your very own Little Duck or Pussycat. You might prefer to make 2 pom poms of the same colour and stick them together to make a head and a body. 

Let your imagination run free and don’t forget to post your finished creations on our Facebook wall!! We can’t wait to see them!