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Guru Reviews Kelly & Eliza: Happy Nappy Wetsuit
Posted on 5th September 2018

Guru Reviews: Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark

Reviewer: Kelly Edmonds

Eliza has loved swimming lessons, holiday pools and paddling pools this summer. Her super cute swimsuit has enabled her to take full advantage of water play .

So I was a bit skeptical at first that the swim suit actually did anything other look great and work as a nappy. We did a bit of a experiment. I took her swimming with her brother (Age 5) in just a regular swim suit. Eliza had so much fun but only lasted about 30 min In the pool before she got cold. Her brother was not a happy boy as he was still enjoying himself.


The following week we tried again, but this time put her splash about suit on. What a success ! she stayed in the pool happy until we were all ready to get out, not only this but I noticed she was happier when getting changed and when I took it off her tummy was lovely and warm!

The swim suit made the whole experience less rushed and more fun and relaxing for us all.

The suit has also meant that she can enjoy the big padding pool in the garden and take advantage of this glorious weather with all the family.

It’s so quick to dry that she is able to take it off for a food break and then when she is ready to play in the water again the suit is dry and ready too!

This gorgeous suit is so easy to get on and off her too. I would advise putting a splash about nappy liner or disposable nappy underneath, just incase !

I highly recommend this product, I love how it fits her and will last from 6 to 14months so we can get good use out of it. It’s tight like a nappy should be so we know there will be no pool accidents. It’s comfortable for her to walk and swim and just so practical and looks amazing!

It’s definitely a must have for fun in the water !

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Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark