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Goggles Galore
Posted on 21st September 2021

Goggles are one of the most important items in a swim kit. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or a fairweather splasher, goggles will provide many benefits.

In children, this benefit is undoubtedly protection from the harsh chemicals in the swimming pool water. Chlorine has a knack of stinging eyes even after you have come out of the pool. Wearing a comfortable pair of well-fitting goggles will stop the water getting into eyes, alleviate irritation and prolong pool time.

For more advanced swimmers the benefits extend to providing clearer vision under water, meaning you won’t need to refocus constantly and strain your eyes. Consider where you will be using the goggles, open water swimming may require a more advanced goggle which provides peripheral vision, for example.

Splash About has taken this into consideration and we have developed a range of goggles that we believe cover all these aspects, at a reasonable price, using the high-quality materials you expect from us. Our Splash About range caters for children from 2-6 years and our new brand Get Soaked provides goggles for those age 6 to adult.

To view the full range, click here.

Still don’t know where to start? Keep reading for the key features of each type of goggle. With the exception of the children’s goggles which are one size, the rest of the range can be purchased in Junior (6-14 years) or adult, with the key features the same across the sizes.

The Splash About Children’s range comprises of the Guppy and Minnow goggles. Available in 2 colours each, they are designed especially with children in mind. 


The Guppy is the perfect first goggle, featuring an easy fit strap with button that makes fitting quick and easy, with minimal hair pulling and tears! This quick release button makes removing the goggles hassle free. Soft, lightweight and comfortable, with anti-fog lenses, they are a firm favourite.

The Minnow children’s goggle is a more traditional style with single silicone strap and adjustable nose-piece for the best fit. Anti-glare lenses make these perfect for use in outside pools or for swimming lessons.

The Koi goggle is available in Junior and Adult sizes. They are super stylish, in classic colourways, and a popular choice for the everyday swimmer. Comfortable, with an adjustable strap and nose piece and soft frame. Anti-glare lenses make for a clearer swim. 

The Sail goggles are bright and fun but practical and perfect for swim training. The Junior Fusion styles stand out from the crowd with a rainbow of colours, whilst the Adult version features a pop of colour. A silicione split strap and soft frames provide a precision fit for maximum leak resistance. Reduced glare and anti-fog lenses make these perfect goggles for training.

The Piranha Goggles for juniors and adults are perfect for the more advanced swimmer due to the side lens which provides peripheral vision. They are streamline and comfortable with adjustable nose bridge and split head strap. Anti-fog lenses provide a clearer swim. Perfect for pools and open water swimming.

Whatever the requirement, we have the goggles for you, and we hope this guide will help you to make the best choice!