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Guru Reviews - Laura and Heidi: Go Splash Float Jacket and Thermaswim Toddler Suit

Splash Guru Laura and her adorable daughter Heidi tried our Go Splash Float Jacket and our Thermaswim Toddler suit for the first time and sent us some fabulous reviews! Keep reading to hear their thoughts...

Go Splash Float Jacket

"Having never used any sort of flotation aid with either of our daughters, this was a new one for us! We went for a family swim at the local pool, and Heidi absolutely loved having freedom to float away from us; and thought it was funny to let go and try her own swimming techniques. It was great for her solo water confidence.

When we got it out the second time, Heidi called it her ‘swimming coat’ and put it on herself. The zip is really sturdy, and didn’t come undone at all throughout our swim sessions. It seemed to fit her really well, and she was comfortable wearing it. It didn’t rub anywhere, although she did have her thermaswim toddlersuit on underneath, so it wasn’t on her bare skin. She had full movement of her arms still; and was able to do her scooping hands. She loved jumping in with it on, as her head wouldn’t go under the water.

Heidi discovered that she could rotate onto her back. She really enjoyed practising her starfish float independently, and it maintained buoyancy for her while she was in this position too.

I love that the flotation bars can be removed gradually as she becomes a stronger swimmer, until it will really just be her ‘swimming coat’. It comes in the gorgeous array of patterns that we love about the Splash About products.

I’ll definitely be adding this onto my holiday packing list. It will provide us with peace of mind when we’re on holiday and around the pool. Usually, we’re on high alert if she moves near the pool. Whereas when she’s wearing this, we will feel a little bit more at ease – knowing that it’s an extra safety net.

Overall, it’s such a cute design for an important safety item. Heidi loves wearing it, and me and my husband both felt more secure in allowing her to attempt to swim independently when she wears it."

Thermaswim Toddler Suit

"I wouldn’t ever think that I’d need to consider a thermal swimsuit for swimming in normal swimming pools, but this is such a great design that it’s a must-have! I wish it was around for my first daughter, she used to only be able to swim for 20 mins in our local pool before she turned a different colour! And that was with a few layers on, and a Splash About Baby Wrap.

This Thermaswim Toddlersuit has a fleecy lining, which is so soft. I was a bit jealous when I put it on Heidi. We used the Happy Nappy Duo underneath; and the suit fitted really well. It isn’t tight, and it has a full length zip which makes it very easy to take off after swimming. She had full range of movement during the swim session too, and was able to use her arms and legs fully.

Our local pool is quite chilly for me, so when I took the Thermaswim Toddlersuit off Heidi after an hours swim, I was surprised to feel just how warm she was underneath!

I’ve been handwashing this along with the Happy Nappy Duo and the changing mat after use, and it feels very durable. This is what I love most about the Splash About products, they never seem to show any wear despite being used and washed so much.

I’m looking forward to using this at the beach, and as an outdoor base layer under her clothes in the winter. Such a versatile thermal item."


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Posted on 7th June 2023