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Posted 19th Sept 2023

By Lesley Beach- Finance & Operations Manager

Splash About's Golden Waves: Celebrating Success at the Junior Design Awards 2023

When it comes to children's swimwear, Splash About has been making waves for years, and the latest triumph at the Junior Design Awards 2023 only solidifies our position as a leading innovator in the industry. The awards have showered Splash About with accolades, including the prestigious GOLD for Best Children's Swimwear & Eco Swimwear Collection for the Happy Nappy range of swimwear products. This remarkable achievement marks our first-ever gold win in these fiercely competitive awards.

Golden Glory for Happy Nappy Range

Our Happy Nappy range of swimwear products has always been celebrated for its innovative design and unwavering commitment to ensuring children's safety and comfort in the water. Winning the GOLD for Best Children's Swimwear & Eco Swimwear Collection is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Bonita Turner, the Editor of Junior, raves about the collection, saying,

"This swimwear looks incredibly simple but in fact, they feature so many cleverly thought-out details to make kids feel comfortable in the water. Great to hear that fabrics are designed to regulate body temperature and are UPF50+ as standard."

Bronze Shines Bright for Eco-Nappy and Travel Product

But our success didn’t stop there! We also secured the BRONZE award for Best Eco-Nappy Brand for the Happy Nappy range, made even more special as it was the only swim nappy in the category. Additionally, the Happy Nappy Sunsuit won BRONZE for Best Travel Product for Children (Practical). Charlotte Kewley, Children's Stylist and content creator, @thelittlestylist, shares her personal connection, stating

"All three of my children wore Splash About swimwear as babies - in fact, several times they were passed down through them all and still looked as good as new after so have been passed on to friends."

Eco-Friendly and Practical Swimwear

What sets Splash About apart is our commitment to both eco-friendliness and practicality. Bonita Turner continues to praise us, saying,

"This swimwear is fantastic and the fact that little ones can use them without wearing a disposable underneath means less landfill and much more freedom of movement and confidence in the water."

Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello! and Hello! Fashion, @mscharliejolly, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the longevity and comfort of Splash About's swimwear:

"These are a great investment, especially when you commit to weekly swimming lessons. There are plenty of patterns to choose from, and the fit is nice and snuggly without chafing those chubby thighs."

A Trusted Brand for Families

Splash About's success isn't limited to winning awards; it's about creating a trusted brand that understands the needs of families. Bonita Turner aptly sums it up, saying,

"Splash About is such a trusted brand for children's swimwear, offering practical solutions for getting kids in the water at home or abroad!"

A Growing Fan Base

Zoey Goto, Travel writer and author, @zoeygotowriter, concludes the celebration by expressing her admiration for Splash About swimwear

"I wish my kids had used these swimsuits when they were younger! Really like this product. Such lovely prints too."

Splash About’s commitment to innovation, eco-friendliness, and child comfort is not only recognized but celebrated at the Junior Design Awards 2023 and we are extremely proud to share this news with our loyal customers.