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Guru Review Jess, Woody and Nora: Floatsuits & UV Floatsuits

Posted on 30th May 2018

Guru Reviews- FloatSuit and UV FloatSuit

Reviewer- Jess with Woody and Nora

6th November 2017

No matter how many swimming lessons your children take, no matter how many certificates they earn and no matter how confident they become in water, that nagging doubt you have in your mind about their water safety never leaves. Despite the fact Nora achieved her 50m Swimming certificate at age 4, the idea of her being in and around water for an extended period of time makes me so nervous.

As we were headed off to Mallorca for a family trip this summer and we were staying in a villa with a beautiful private pool, I knew that water safety would be something we would have to address. When the lovely Splash About team sent us two Floatsuits to try out, I knew my worries would instantly be dampened.

The floatsuits feature a revolutionary adjustable buoyancy system which provides your little swimmer with enough buoyancy to keep them afloat, but little enough to ensure that they’re practising their new fangled swim skills in the correct position without relying on the flotation device. The adjustability means you can remove floats to suit your child’s swimming ability as their confidence grows.

These suits were so perfect for Nora and Woody whilst on our holidays. Not only did the buoyancy provide them with that extra pool safety I so desperately hoped for, it also allowed them to practice their swim skills all whilst protecting them from the suns harmful rays with its SPF 50 protection fabric. The zip down fastening made for super easy changing too, which is great when you have two indecisive children with 24 hour access to a swimming pool.

I would definitely recommend the floatsuit to anyone headed off on holidays, and for swimmers and non swimmers alike. They provide a much more comfortable learn to swim method than traditional armbands and they are available in the most beautiful array of patterns.

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