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Posted 18th April 2023

Safe in the Sun

Easter has been and gone and the April showers are in full swing, which can only mean, we are well on our way to the warmer months. Dreams of ice creams and paddling pools are becoming closer to being reality, whilst imagining days in the pool and evenings with a BBQ are keeping our minds busy.

This means that the dread of keeping our children safe in the sun is also looming. Advice from the British skin Foundation gives lots of useful information on how to protect children from the suns harmful rays.

Whilst suncream, applied frequently and liberally is a must, they say the first line of defence to protect against the sun is clothing:

“Clothing should always be your first line of defence against damage from the sun. 

Cover as much of the skin as is possible, paying special attention to the shoulders which burn easily. 

Consider t-shirts and hats even when in the water, especially for children and those who burn easily. 

A 'legionnaire' style hat with a wide brim is best, as it will shade the head, face, ears and neck. Baseball caps do not shade the ears or neck, and so are not as effective.”





Luckily, here at Splash About, we have every one of those suggestions covered. All our sun  wear, including hats, is suitable to be worn both in and out of the water. It is all designed to be comfortable and quick drying to prevent as much fuss around the pool or on the beach as possible, and because all our ranges are co ordinating, your little one is sure to look stylish all day.

Rash Tops

Our rash tops are made with high necks and full coverage across the shoulders to protect the areas most exposed to the sun. Lightweight, cool, and moisture wicking, our rash tops help children remain cool, comfortable and protected in the sun. They are quick-drying so children can jump in and out of the water all day without the fuss of getting changed constantly.

Our rash tops are designed to match the Happy Nappy and Jammer ranges, as well as the Legionnaire hats, so children can look super cute in a full matching outfit.

Legionnaire Hats

As recommended by the British Skin association, Legionnaire Hats are the perfect way to protect little heads from the sun. Splash About’s Legionnaire Hats are elasticated to prevent them slipping off. They have a peak at the front to protect eyes and the long fabric at the back covers the ears, back of the neck and shoulders. They can be worn in and out of the water and like the rash tops are lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying. The cute designs that match the Rash Top range will appeal to children and encourage them to keep their hats on, in and out of the water.

Happy Nappy Sunsuit

Combining the rash top with a Happy Nappy, the Happy Nappy Sunsuit is the ideal choice for babies in the sun. Designed with the same high neck as the rash top, this sunsuit also has ¾ length sleeves to cover more of baby’s arms whilst leaving their hands free to play. A zip up the back helps with dressing, and the integrated Happy Nappy swim nappy protects against faecal leaks, even when in the sea or pool.

UV Sun & Sea Suit

The UV Sun & Sea Suit is an amazing suit for active children who want the warmth of a neoprene suit but the flexibility of a sunsuit. The body is made from 1mm thick neoprene, whilst the neck, sleeves, and side panels are made from a lightweight nylon elastane which gives plenty of movement so children can play comfortably in and out of the water. It is a perfect choice for British beaches, seas and gardens or for exploring seas abroad.

Other ways to protect children in the sun

It is important to remember to reapply sunscreen to children when they come out of the water. Even if they are wearing sun protection clothing, it is imperative the areas not covered by clothing have suncream applied. Many suncreams will wash off in water, so it should always be reapplied after swimming.

The NHS advise that all babies aged under 6 months old should be kept out of direct strong sunlight and  that:

From March to October in the UK, children should:

  • cover up with suitable clothing
  • spend time in the shade, particularly from 11am to 3pm
  • wear at least SPF30 sunscreen

It is also very important to keep hydrated, so keep water readily available at all times.

Why is staying safe in the sun so important?

Babies and children are much more prone to sunburn due to their young, sensitive skin. Because their skin contains a lot less melanin than an adult's, it makes them much more at risk of burning. Sunburn in children can be extremely painful and goes hand in hand with heat exhaustion, causing sickness, lethargy, high temperature, headaches, cramp and rashes. Repeated exposure to sunlight could lead to skin cancer developing in later life.