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Safety Tips For A Fantastic Holiday
Posted on 16th July 2014

Along with building sandcastles and eating unlimited ice-cream, playing in the sun and pool are the quintessential holiday activities enjoyed by our kids. We want them to have a great time, so with that in mind we have put together these top tips to make sure they are as safe as possible:


Do your Research

TripAdvisor and parenting blogs have made it easier than ever to research hotel and resort suitability before booking a summer holiday. Impartial reviews ensure that you get a balanced view of the amenities offered by a hotel, including any swimming pools.
Check reviews of the swimming pools to determine their suitability to the needs of your family: water depth, capacity, child-friendly features, safety features and any supervision provided.

If you're looking at heading to the beach, be sure to check what kind of sands to expect, and the likeliness of beach critters that could cause harm to small feet! The best way to ensure complete protection from not only critters such as jellyfish and crabs or washed-up coral and sharp shells - would be our fab Splash Shoes, designed to protect little feet and provide UPF50+ sun protection too!

Be Prepared

Even if your child is comfortable in water, it’s important to be prepared and pack pool safety essentials. New surroundings can impact upon a child’s confidence in the water and they may benefit from the comfort of parental guidance and buoyancy aids. At Splash About, we pride ourselves on producing and stocking unobtrusive children’s swimwear that will keep them safe and allow them to enjoy the water, whilst providing UPF50+ sun protection.

Stay Close

Playing and swimming with your children in the pool can help keep them confident and comfortable. Additionally, supervising the children in the pool is important to ensure they don’t swim out of their depth. And of course, children love having an extra person to play pool games with.
Our Float Suits provide parents with that added piece of mind, crucial for any chance at relaxation on a holiday with the kids. Their bright and bold colours make your child stand out form the crowd and easy to spot whilst they safely play in the sun, on the beach or in the pool.

Dress the Part

Be it a Vacation Abroad, or StayCation in the UK, the sun's rays can easily burn exposed skin even through cloud, despite the temperature! At Splash About, we stock a great selection of clothing options for pool and sun-ready little ones, ideal for your summer holiday destination -wherever it may be.
From Wetsuits for Babies & Toddlers and Children for those cooler UK beach trips, to UV Swim/Sun Protection clothing with high-neck lines for added protection, for that scortching Spanish beach, Splash About have it covered - literally! Our unique fabrics provide Maximum Sun Protection factor 50+, even when in the water (see more below).

Cover Up Against the Sun

A high factor water resistant sunscreen is very important for those using outdoor pools on holiday. This reduces the level of suncream simply washed off each time you head for a dunk in the pool. Whilst everyone knows that re-application is vital as water resistant and waterproof is entirely different, any parent of a wriggling child eager to head out and play does not want to sit still for more and more coatings of sun lotion everytime they step out of the water!

Splash About's uniquely designed Sun Protection Swimwear, ensures maximum SPF50+ coverage for those burn-easy areas, even when fully submerged in water! This clever fabric will also wick away perspiration, thanks to it's quick drying materials.
Be sure to take particular care to exposed areas, such as little faces, ears and feet with Splash About's accesories, featuring Sun Hats, Goggles and Sunglasses!

Stay Hydrated

Despite being surrounded by water, swimming in hot weather can lead to serious dehydration. Keep bottles of cool drinking water handy and encourage your child to take drinks regularly.


All our products are a maximum UPF 50+ sun protection factor. Take a look at our range of sun protection swimwear.