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Staying safe in the sun and the water

Posted on 20th July 2016

OK so it’s rained for 3 months and instead of gently easing into summer it’s now 32 degrees and getting hotter. Of course, by the weekend it will be raining again, but let's just go with it shall we? Let's enjoy it, but recap on all the hazards facing small (and big) people in the garden, out and about, and by water.

5 sun protection must do’s:

1. Right, it’s not hard but it is vital that you and your children wear a high sun protection sun cream all over the body, yes even under clothes, the sun can easily burn though a thin t-shirt or sundress. It’s also important to slop it on and not skimp on the amount you use. Reapply it to all exposed areas every 2 hours or after being in water. And don’t forget your feet!




2. Avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm. Yes, I know you haven’t seen the sun all year and yes I know it’s nice to watch them play out in it, but make it under a brolly. Keep babies out of the sun altogether and children in UV protection clothing to ensure none of the harmful rays can burn them. The Splash About range of summer wear includes fantastic tops, bottoms and UV AllinOnes that carry the highest levels of UPF 50+ protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


3. Use Waterproof sunscreen. – And buy the highest possible factor for children under 14. Factor 50 is readily available. Use it. Make sure you apply it at least half an hour before going outside and if you can add a first layer of the excellent P20, which will give you even more added protection.


4. Hats – all the stars are doing it so sort yourself out; get him one whilst you’re at it. Wrinkles from sun-damaged skin are not a good look and what’s more, it can cause cancer. Don’t mess about, get a great-looking hat. For babies and children Splash Hats come in a variety of great styles and designs, keep one in your changing bag, or in the car for those exciting moments when the sun comes out unexpectedly.





5. Drink more – and no I don’t mean get the wine out. I meant drink lots and lots of water and that goes for babies and children as well. It’s vital that you all stay hydrated. As you sweat you lose water and the same is true of even the youngest baby. Even breastfed babies can enjoy some water between feeds.

5 water protection must do’s

1. Babies and children can drown in is little as 2 inches of water. That means that sitting them up in a paddling pool to splash whilst you go into the house to get a towel is a big no no. Do NOT leave your children unattended whilst near or in water.



2. If your paddling pool is a swimming pool or a lake or river, then make sure babies, toddlers and young children are in float jacket or a float suit. Splash About has an award winning range to fit all price ranges and even Beyoncé uses one for her little girl Blue Ivy. So for extra peace of mind get them decked out in floats! Read the instructions carefully though, some babies are more buoyant than others and not all floats may be needed, so adjust as required to keep them upright and safe in the water.



3. Make sure that all water slides, even the ones you make yourself with bin bags and washing up liquid (or is that just at my house) are on a soft piece of grass with all stones or toys moved from under it. Again supervise at all times and remember to reapply sunscreen after sliding, the washing up liquid will wash it off all exposed skin.

4. Insect repellent required! Insects love water and it’s much harder to run away from wasps and flies when you have a baby sat in a paddling pool, so spray children often or use those neat little stickers to repel nasty biting and stinging critters.

5.  Add a squirt of bubble bath to the paddling pool / bucket at the end of the day and get bath time covered off at the same time. It’s a two in one solution that’s works well to remove the sunscreen and finish the day on a high. Trust me after 4 hours in a paddling pool the last thing they want is to go upstairs for another bath and that’s just your husband.


Make the most of it Splash-a-friends, it’s what we have been waiting for all year, don’t ruin it with sun burn, accidents or stings. You know it won’t last long, it’s nearly count down to Christmas but whilst it’s here lets make the most of it and have a GREAT SUMMER!