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Mini Travellers January 2015
Posted on 5th May 2015

Mini Travellers blogger mum Karen has her hands full with a 4 year old and 3 year old twin daughters, so it’s not surprising she says

“Taking my three swimming always feels like the opening scene of Casualty i.e. the scene where you think why would they do that?? This has been particularly enhanced recently as Lily (the eldest) isn’t wearing any floatation kit as she is desperately trying to swim properly. That’s why it was fantastic to know that we could take them all to the pool and (twins) Izzy and Eve could be safe with their Splash About Float Jackets on."

Karen goes on to highlight other advantages of the Splash About Float Jackets:

- very easy to get on and off & very easy to take the girls for a wee

- very buoyant “kept my girls very safe in the water”

- perfect for taking multiples swimming

- attractive – they look good

- dry very quickly