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Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum review Hooded Poncho Towels

Posted on 1st September 2018

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum.

Full Review:

It's no secret that my children are water babies. I mean, if there's water around, it's safe to say one, if not all, of my children will be paddling. We have the pool out most of the school holidays and they love the rain. We also go swimming once a week to help them build confidence around water.

Have you ever tried to keep a wet child warm, and drying them off, after a play session in the water though... hard isn't it? Towels just don't hang around well and children either end up all wrapped up and unable to move or freezing when the towel keeps falling off.

Splash About has introduced a brand new range of ponchos and hooded towels in two beautiful designs, to ensure babies and children are warm and cosy after coming out of the water - whether it’s swimming in the pool or the sea.

Soft, super absorbent and made from luxurious natural cotton, the towels start from £16.99 in price and are available in two designs - the powder blue Noah’s Ark with a bold orange lion, and Nina’s Ark with a striking zebra on a baby pink backdrop.

Designed to complement Splash About’s range of Happy Nappy swim nappies and baby wetsuits, the Hooded Towels are one size but suitable from birth to two years and retail at £16.99, whereas the Splash About Ponchos are longer length to fit children 2-6 years and are priced at £19.99.

They fold flat so are the perfect beach cover ups and are easily packed into suitcases or swim bags. J much prefers having a poncho to wear after being in the water because the hood dries his hair and stops it dripping onto him.

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum.