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Easter Holidays with Splash About
Posted on 13th March 2013

We’re in the middle of another crazy British weather cold spike, apparently we are having the coldest weather of the year so far and it’s almost mid-March! Confusing everybody with 30 minute stints of arctic style snowstorms and then cloudless blue skies but biting wind, we can be forgiven for looking forward to escaping the temperamental British weather and dreaming of holidays in further tropical climes.

We are always thinking towards our next chance for a holiday or even short break, probably looking forward to grabbing some much-needed rest and warm weather in the upcoming Easter break at the end of March. Family holidays are the most sought after golden ticket, planning around school holidays, finding the right deal and finding the right country to suit everybody!

Easter is perfect for an early break abroad; schools give us the pleasure of a two week break in which to fit a holiday, the weather on the continent is starting to improve or even remain hot, it’ll be quieter due to only a few people planning a holiday this early, but most importantly it may not potentially be as expensive as having a holiday in the peak Summer months. This makes an Easter holiday a very tempting possibility for families, no matter what your budget is, saving money always adds incentive to any shopping endeavour!

Southern Europe and the Mediterranean are reaching temperatures in the low 20s, making it a lot more desirable place to be than in the cold and wet of British April showers! Turkey, Greece  & Cyprus are welcoming all year round, and have such a short period of Winter weather are a great draw to early holidaymakers. Add this to a maximum four-hour flight time from all the UK’s major airports and we are running out of excuses not to go. Turkey has very quickly become the place to visit due to economic changes, a more welcoming attitude across Europe and people generally looking for the next fashionable country to make a holiday destination.

It is very much a family destination, no matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, all-inclusive complexes, family resorts or a rustic, traditional villa or apartment. The variety of sights to see and the warm friendliness from the Turkish people mean there is always something different to see or do each time you walk out of the door. Ancient ruins and artefacts dating back hundreds of years to the times of Alexander the Great and his all-conquering armies, UNESCO world heritage spas and Greco-Roman cities are just a small sample of what you can visit if history is your reason for visiting.

Traditional Turkish food is varied enough for most tastes, but changes focus depending on the where you are in the country.

Without doubt in coastal regions the seafood is of an exceptional quality, grand dishes of fish, paired with rice and vegetables, but what you should try more than anything is a Traditional Turkish Tagine. A dish of either lamb or chicken, filled with pot-roasted vegetables and rich, tomato sauce, all cooked in a huge ceramic bowl covered with a chimney-style lid and brought to your table hot and still bubbling, cooking the spices within. You haven’t sampled true Turkey without sampling traditional Turkish food.

So wherever you’re thinking of holidaying this Easter, you’ll be looking for hot climes and somewhere to relax, eat well and enjoy your time together. x