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Lockdown Lifesavers
Posted on 3rd April 2020

There is no getting away from it. School is out and parents around the country are holding their heads in their hands at the prospect of a career change into teaching! 

Timetables that were written in week one are now at the bottom of the recycling bin and children are tired of exasperated parents telling them “well that’s how we were taught at school”!

Well, fret not! We have trawled numerous Facebook and Instagram groups and of course YouTube, to find the best (in our opinion of course!)  online classes from celebrities to keep your children engaged and learning without even knowing!

Let’s start with the one everyone is talking about. Joe Wicks!! 9am Monday to Friday tune into his YouTube Channel and try to keep up with your children! P.E for the day sorted in 30 minutes. Parents are finding muscles they never knew they had and children are left raring to go! (don’t be put off by his immensely tidy front room. I’m reliably informed this is just a studio! Phew!)

If your children are a bit too young for Joe or prefer a more relaxing work out, try Cosmic Yoga. This channel is fantastic for teaching children how to move their bodies and look after themselves in a fun child-friendly way. Can’t get them interested? Maybe the Harry Potter, Frozen, Trolls or Star Wars themed routines will get them moving. They also cover mindfulness for children and relaxation techniques too. Perfect for calming down after a busy morning, or for children who may be feeling anxious in these uncertain times.

10am. Myleene’s Music Klass This is a lovely 10 minutes or so where Myleene invites you into her house with her children and explains music theory to try and get your children into loving music. If you have babies or younger children, still give it a watch. Disney Lullabies on the piano is a must see.


Tune in at 11 am to David Walliams website for his turn to entertain! Listen to “Elevenses” where he reads a story from his World’s Worst Children books. Always an entertainer, his reading of these stories is vibrant and enthralling.

Then comes the boring bit. Maths!! This is where I really struggle with my own children. A mathmatician, I am not. Luckily Carol Vorderman is and she has made her maths website free so we can all benefit from her wisdom. Her videos and exercises are suitable for all children aged 4-12 years and will help them learn, the way they know. Not the way we knew 30 years ago! Check it out. It’s a life saver!!

Lastly, Science with Cbeebies’ very own Maddie Moate. I have dipped into a few of these videos and they are so much fun and perfect for bored children. I particularly like, and think the children will too, the video entitled “How to make a poo”. Maddie is live at 11am every day but you can catch up whenever you like here.

Of course, contrary to the belief of most children, not everything we do has to be YouTube or internet led!! There are loads of activities that we can do at home with minimal equipment required.

Corona diaries are an excellent way to get children writing and thinking about their feelings throughout this experience. Our children are making history and to have this documented for them in years to come will be priceless. They could also write to isolated grandparents, neighbours or friends. Let’s bring back penpals! 


There are hundreds of free activities to print at home, online. The school resource Twinkl is currently free for all to use and has countless colouring pages, craft ideas and educational resources. And of course, check out our own activity page for some unique activities.

The final idea I have found to tell you about is one of the best. The 30 day Lego Challenge! Who doesn’t love Lego?! (well, actually me, but most do!). Download the play card here and start the challenge. Fun for all the family at no cost!!

We would love to see your pictures, activities and videos during this period. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are waiting for you!! 

Keep safe and stay happy xx