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Guru Reviews Abigail & Cater: Baby Swimwear Bundle
Posted on 2nd October 2018

Guru Reviews: Baby Swimwear Bundle

Reviewer: Abigail Fields

As a Mum of a very active toddler, I know first-hand how important it is to engage in stimulating activities. Swimming has always been a love of mine and it was always something I wanted to involve Carter in. Finding swimwear for babies and toddlers that are suitable for all types of water, be it regular swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and the sea, can become very expensive. And the fact that your child is continuously growing at the speed of light, doesn’t bode well for our bank balances! The Splash About Baby Swim Kit combines all of those separate swimming costumes into one, for an affordable price, ensuring that they are long lasting and reusable.

The kit comes with the iconic ‘Happy Nappy’.A staple for every mini swimmer’s wardrobe. This is something we have used since Carter was 8 weeks old at his first swimming lesson and I will forever continue to recommend it. This soft neoprene nappy is kind to delicate skin but secure enough to prevent any leakage into the pool, (which is great peace of mind for any parent). The Happy Nappy, which is worn over the top of a reusable swim nappy can be used in warmer water or can be worn underneath the Baby Wrap for colder swimming conditions.

The Baby Wrap is perfect for those colder pools and the sea. It is incredibly easy to slip on, and with a wriggly toddler this is something I was extremely grateful for! The shoulders, torso and waist are secured with Velcro which enables you to adjust it specifically to your child’s body shape. (Another incredible money saver!) Both the Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap offer SPF 50+ protection against the sun and come in an array of designs which are certain to excite any young budding swimmer.

Finally, the kit comes with a reusable swim nappy and a pack of liners. This is something that is very new to me as I’ve always been guilty of buying disposable swim nappies. Not only do they cost a fortune, especially if your child swims on a regular basis, but they are harmful to the environment. The reusable nappy is an incredibly affordable alternative and the liners are 100% biodegradable (you can even flush them). They fit under the Happy Nappy perfectly and work just as well as the disposable nappies, but save you money in the process!


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