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Guru Review Amy and Eli: UV Sunsuit
Posted on 30th April 2018

Guru Review- UV Sunsuit Turtle Mania

Reviewer: Amy and Eli

21 August 2017

We have had a fab time with the new Turtle sunsuit, Eli's been wearing it in the pool, in the hot tub and in the paddling pool!

Firstly I'd like to start with how easy it is to get on and with an 11 month old little wriggler it can sometimes be a nightmare keeping them still long enough to get them dressed but this just slips straight on and really is a god send for when it's hot as it doesn't chew them up anymore than needed to it does literally just slide on. With having a few different suits we've tried whilst at water babies it definitely is the easiest to put on and off.

The colours are so bright and bold and I think it's definitely best designed for holidays. Our local pool is a little nippy so we found the suit to be a little thin for it. But the pool we do our lessons in is warmer so it's perfect for that but with it's UPF 50 protection and it being so lightweight I bet it's a perfect product for using abroad.

The only negative I would say is that during our lessons we use the double nappy system so Eli has to wear a happy nappy under his swimsuits and because this suit is so lightweight it goes a little see through when wet so he had a bright orange and blue surf board happy nappy showing through his suit. If you had the matching happy nappy it would be ideal though. In our local pool and our hot tub it didn't matter at all though as it doesn't really show the swim paper nappies through it so that's was fine.


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