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Guru Kerry and Parker: Happy Nappy & Baby Wrap

Posted on 30th July 2017

2 adults vs 1 nine month old boy wrestling matches are now a thing of the past! If anything can make getting a pair of swimming trunks on my nine month old wriggle monster easier I'm there. Putting on trunks used to consist of my mum suspending Parker mid air whilst I pulled and tugged.

The Splash About Happy Nappy I've found is much easier to get on, there is a lot more "give" around the legs, yet it still fits snugly to withhold any "code brown" situations. They fit nice and high around the waist, dropping slightly at the front to allow for his not so little tummy. I won't lie, it's still easier to have two adults to put on these things, especially when he's trying to scale the wall of the changing unit, but if these nappies were loose there'd be some pretty embarrassing moments in the pool!

In addition to the Happy Nappy we also have the matching Baby Wrap. Having this wrap on has helped keep him warm in the pool for longer. I'd previously avoiding using a wrap as I assumed they would restrict his movement in the water but this is not the case, he can still kick and splash as much as he ever has!

I think my favourite part about the Baby Wrap is how easy it is to put on. Living with multiple sclerosis I sometimes suffer with weakness in my arm and hand so fiddling with over the head suits, sleeves and fastenings can sometimes be a challenge. The Baby Wrap can be lay out completely flat and, once you've mastered the order of the flaps, all components are folded over and Velcro shut in a matter of seconds (speed is another factor I find helps in the adult Vs baby match)

Along with the many benefits for Parker whilst wearing the Baby Wrap, it also helps me. Previously in the pool he was a slippery little fish and found grip an issue when he was wriggling around, now I have no problems holding onto him, keeping him safer in the pool.

Combined, the Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap make a cool little outfit. The blue and green gecko print is lovely and bright, and Parker loves pointing at the geckos. The neoprene is super soft on his skin. All of the seems are sewn in a way that there are no rough edges and nothing on the swimwear that could irritate the skin.

All in all I think this is an awesome suit and would definitely recommend.

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