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The Size Adjustable Under Nappy
Posted on 30th June 2021

The double nappy system has become the most widely used swimming requirement for toddlers and babies across the world. More often than not, that means using a Happy Nappy and a disposable swim nappy together. Here at Splash Towers we have often scratched our heads at this recommendation.


Firstly, because the most effective prevention of faecal leaks into the water, is by wearing  the Happy Nappy and secondly, because a paper disposable swim nappy isn’t the most effective solution and is also an environmental issue, taking up to 500 years to break down in landfill.

Our team of technical specialists working with parents and swim teachers, looked at all products available on the market to research what the best double nappy solution would look like, if this was insisted upon by the baby swimming industry. Having more than 20 years’ experience of the shape of babys bum’s and their movements underwater, we noted that almost all the reusable swim nappies didn’t actually fit very well around the gusset, often they had been designed to be worn over a disposable paper nappy, meaning they were too baggy and always made with too much material, causing drag and chaffing.


The resulting design was a new adjustable swim nappy, one specifically designed to be worn under a Happy Nappy, or on its own outside of formal swimming lessons. Shaped to fit more closely than other available versions, it offers a lightweight, comfortable and well-fitting alternative.

The Splash About adjustable nappy is designed to fit for longer, with poppers on the front and sides, so that you can get the perfect fit as your baby grows. This means less waste, more value for money and far less damage to the environment.