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What do you mean it's nearly 2018?
Posted on 22nd December 2017

I’m not sure where this year went, I think I remember April vaguely, but have no recollection of March or August and now it’s nearly Christmas. Ridiculous!

This has been a huge year for Splash About; I honestly don’t think we could have fitted anymore in.

The Splash Lab completed trials of the new Happy Nappy and Splash Jammers that we had started to develop in 2016 and by May we had launched both new products, which are already award winning and loved by swim schools globally.

I think we’re still traumatized to be honest. We must have measured thousands of chunky baby thighs and milk filled tummies in schools up and down the country, to get the perfect range of measurements for mass production of the new Happy Nappy and Jammers.

And then we made some videos, with lots more babies and toddlers, but that’s not all; we also launched a brand new set of beautiful designs, had a massive casting to choose perfect new babies for our photography, went on location to the windiest beach in the UK, chose our fantastic Guru’s from hundreds of great entries, designed and launched a new website on a whole new platform, built an in-house photographic studio and then fitted in a quick trip to the USA, to give a talk about poo in pools to hundreds of fantastic swimming teachers. Phew!


Actually I can’t really remember September either. Oh wait yes I can, I packed off two of my own children to university and my food bill went down. That was quite a good month.

In addition, our Splash team have fitted in holidays to Australia, Cyprus, Disneyworld, Spain, Italy and Bude.


And now, it’s the end of December we really couldn’t have fitted anymore in at all, it’s been epic. So here are some thankyous.

Thank you to our Gurus – you know who you are, you have been wonderful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your feedback and product testing efforts.

Thank you to Tuna fish – Your Videos, your patience, the stunned look on your faces when babies swam underwater. we’ll never forget that.

Thank you Will and Jen at Will Shaddock Photography for all your amazing photography this year. I’ve been promised an on location shoot in hotter climates next year, so get your sun tan cream ready.

Thank you to our fantastic factories, that worked so hard to meet our launch deadlines and then worked even harder when our sales were far higher than our forecasts. We couldn’t do it without you, you are part of the Splash family.

Thank you to our partners all over the world, in 34 countries actually, who have sold and promoted our products all year, from Europe to South Korea, from Australia to Hawaii you have all been fantastic and we salute you.

Thank you to our Splash Teams who have all worked above and beyond all year. Thank you for not even moaning when the experimental “leave work at 3.30 on Fridays” came to an end in September. (don’t worry, we’ll try again next year)

Thank you to the mums, dads and grandparents of the hundreds of babies and toddlers we have measured, prodded, poo inspected, photographed and filmed.  Our products look good because of you and your small person.

Finally Thank you to all the wonderful swim schools and swim teachers all over the world who put their faith in our new nappies and in us. You took the best swim nappy product in the world and simply replaced it with our new version because we said it was better. Your faith in us has been validated, as the new nappy rolled out and has proved to be even more reliable against baby poo leaks.

Now all I have to say is Happy Christmas, have a fantastic family time doing all the things you love, with all the people you care about. See you back here in a couple of weeks. Roll on 2018, we are ready for you!