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Toddlers love to Splash About
Posted on 22nd May 2015

Toddlers love to Splash About

Baby swim classes are taught until babies and toddlers are 4 years old and it’s known in the industry as pre fundamental swimming. It’s of huge benefit to young children, helping development from hand eye coordination to balance and Splash About has been the leading supplier of specialist baby swimwear for over 15 years. In that time we have clothed thousands of babies and toddlers. Making sure pools have been “poo” protected and that our youngsters are kept warm and safe in the water.

It’s no surprise then that Splash About has a wide range of swim and sun related products for older toddlers and children, for use not only by the pool, but out and about, in or near water, on beaches or scrambling in rock pools. Once those fairly static babies find their feet and become terrible two’s there’s no stopping them and we love toddlers at Splash About, we’ve developed a whole range of perfect messing about toddler gear, check out some age 2+ ideas below.

Keeping cool when it’s too hot

There’s nothing more frustrating to a two year old than being boiling hot and having sand in your ice cream at the same time. It’s a tantrum inducement 8/10 rating right there. The solution comes in our fantastic all in one UV outfits. Made to UPF 50+ standards these great one piece outfits cover your child from the sun whilst the fabric wicks away perspiration and keeps them cool. Get the latest look here.


Stampy little feet.

Now they are walking, exploration is high up on their list. Those first baby shoes whilst perfect for a stroll in the park, certainly aren’t up to rock scrambling, puddle jumping, surf kicking or beach digging. That’s where our Splash Shoes come into their own. Choose from soft protective neoprene soles for younger toddlers, or for the older kids choose one with tough, durable and waterproof soles and soft waterproof neoprene uppers, these toggle drawstring adventure shoes are comfortable, easy to clean and virtually indestructible! Perfect for scrambling toddlers and children up to age 6. So protect feet against bits of glass, sharp stones and cold water and get fitted up in a Splash Shoe.

UV Combi

So, it’s windy and chilly but the sun’s out. Splash About’s solution to this climate conundrum is the UV Combi. This great all in one combines the sun protection of a UPF 50+ UV suit with the warmth of neoprene. Gently flexible for total comfort, this excellent outfit is perfect for all day holiday wear. This Splash invention has been worn by thousands of holidaying toddlers and young children to give that bit more protection from the wind and chilly paddling water without the restrictions of a wet suit.

Mix and match rash tops and shorts.

As kids get older and more independent it’s more important than ever to make sure they are protected at all times in the sun. Whilst lots of beach and summer wear is available to choose from, both on line and on the high street, Splash About’s trusted brand is a favorite of parents and children in over 20 countries. Mix and match between designs for a stand out designer look. The Splash About Holiday shop is packed full of luxurious fabrics and on trend unique to Splash About, designer patterns. Our full range includes, shorts, rash tops, sun dresses, hats, costumes, trunks and even bikinis.


Learning how to swim

In time for the holiday season toddlers and young children everywhere are in swim classes learning how to swim, so why not give them extra support by checking out our world famous swim aids.

Perfect for Holidays home and abroad are the traditional

Float jackets, from our starter GO Splash 8 adjustable float jacket, to our top of the range 16 adjustable float Buoyancy jacket, these Splash staples are the ideal way to help children adjust to their buoyancy in the water whilst having fun safely.

Or get extra safe and put active toddlers in a UV float suit, the UPF50+ sun protection, neck, shoulder and prone to burn coverage AND the built in adjustable buoyancy system, with 16 contoured floats, allowing you to adjust your child’s buoyancy as they learn to swim.

For fun and support try Fings, the Splash About invention that supports a natural swim position in the pool, so toddlers learn to swim in a effective way. These fantastic and award winning swim aids are now found in pools around the world providing hours of fun for older toddlers and children up to age 7.


For bespoke Toddler and children 2+ swim and summer products look now further than Splash About, it’s why we are trusted by parents and loved by kids.


Happy holiday Splashers.