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The Fantastic Swim Mirror
Posted on 25th November 2015

Don’t panic! Not all babies like being in water.  I know antenatal friends, magazines and even celebrities talking about their fantastic baby swimming experiences surround you, but take heart from the fact that more than half of babies scream their heads off in the bath and in the pool the first few times. It takes a bit of practice (and sometimes ear plugs) before they relax and learn to enjoy the experience. Whilst most babies do go on to enjoy their time in the bath, some still don’t take easily to the pool. So stop worrying, your bad experiences are normal.


Your baby swim teacher should always be your first port of call at the pool, she will know a good few distraction techniques to help make swimming a positive experience.  As part of their baby swim kit they probably have a Swim Mirror. These fantastic distraction toys are made from high-density foam with a large acrylic mirror in the middle. Mirror toys have had a big impact in baby swim lessons in the past few years, as they provide the perfect distraction for even a very young baby; they float, they make great splashing noises and they of course show the baby’s reflection.

Splash About is proud to be in teachers swim kits and has now launched the Splash Pals swim mirror for parents to purchase for use in the bath and in the pool, not just in swimming lessons. The Splash Pals mirror is designed for even the smallest hands and teething gums, giving baby a range of distractions to take their mind off their water fear and have some fun.


We recommend starting to use the mirror at home in the bath and then transfer to the pool, this way it is a familiar item and your baby will associate it with good experiences. The Splash Pals mirror is part of a range of baby swim toys designed to offer maximum fun for even the most anxious baby. Keep an eye out for Splash Pals launches over the winter and get your swim mirror now from www.splashabout.com or from Splash About stockists online and on the highstreet.