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Marvellous Mirrors

Posted on 21st November 2018

If you are looking for new ways to engage your baby when you take them swimming or your youngster is having “Water wobbles” and suddenly developed a fear of lessons, one of the best distractions is a swim mirror.

These fantastic water skill toys are sure to stop tears and certain to be chewed. In fact mirrors are incorporated into many baby swim lessons, as teachers have developed programs and songs focused on using the mirror.

The splash Mirror spent many months in testing and development and lots of prototypes were discarded. Some were far too easily chewed leaving bits of floating foam in the water, some bent and the mirror distorted, scaring the babies when they looked at themselves (this was probably funny, but not at the time of testing) and some shapes were just too hard or too big for little hands to hold.

Hundreds of babies and toddlers took part in our trials whilst we perfected the Splash Mirror, finally agreeing that the shape had to be interesting and offer plenty of ways to grasp it and hold it. Too round and baby couldn’t manage it, too square and they lost interest, shapes of fish and crabs also didn’t work, because they were not as durable.

The perfect shape turned out to be our water splash shape, with lots of contoured edges to grip and chew, made from robust yet super soft EVA, which held a sturdy mirror securely in the middle and chew proof.

We have seen lots of fantastic uses in classes for the mirror but parents have had great use out of them at home as well, using them in the bath and when they visit the pool outside of lessons. Lightweight, anti-mould and quick-drying, its an ideal bath and swim toy.

Available from Splash About direct or your local swim school. Happy splashing!