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Posted  02/10/2023

By Bernadette Spofforth - Managing Director, Splash About

National Baby Swimming Week 2nd- 8th October 2023

I know we have a National week for lots of things, all the time! There’s even a national pie week! Which I wholeheartedly support obviously!


But this week is special, It’s NATIONAL BABY SWIMMING WEEK, it’s special because it’s often over looked in the great scheme of things, but celebrates one of the most important life skills you will ever teach your baby.


Learning how to swim starts with water play and being familiar in water, and the best way to do that is to sign up for Baby swim lessons.


These joyful half hours in a pool once a week not only promote early familiarity and confidence in the water, but also help parent and baby bonding, through skin-to-skin contact, stimulating baby brain function and co-ordination, strengthening muscles, aiding balance and most of all tiring your baby out which helps with better sleeping patterns! And we all need more of that!


Structured sessions with expert baby swimming teachers begin to help your baby learn prefundamental swimming skills, designed to gently teach your baby about their buoyancy, holding on to the side, getting their faces splashed and some even love swimming underwater. With songs, toys and lots of fun thrown in!


Your baby will also get lots of active socialisation and peer learning as they watch other babies their own age react and experience water play. Babies learn from imitation so classes like this really aid social as well as physical development.


Here at Splash About, we love everything about baby swimming and have all of the equipment you will need to take with you. If you are unsure just what you need on the first few visits, see our help page Taking your baby swimming- The Complete Parent's Guide for some hints and tips.


National Swimming week is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and start helping your baby to learn the vital life skills of swimming. You won’t regret it… I promise!