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Simply The Best - The most advanced swim nappy in the world

Posted on 16th August 2021

What is the Happy Nappy DUO?

After months of trying to vacuum pack babies into swim nappies to make them watertight, the geniuses at Splash Labs had almost given up. But a chance encounter with one of the UK’s top nuclear scientists sparked off a new idea. An idea as old as time, used by civilizations throughout the ages, it was brilliant. And also, very complicated in practice.

Baby poo often carries pathogens (germs) that aren’t easily destroyed by chlorine; two of the most dangerous of these found in swimming pools are cryptosporidium and E. coli. They can cause pool closures, sickness, and diarrhoea and can even be fatal. The Happy Nappy had gone a long way in protecting millions of swimmers every week, by pools worldwide insisting that children who were not potty trained wore them to swim classes. In fact, it was such a massive success that over the past 5 years we haven’t had a single reported leak in any class in 45 countries. This has meant a significant reduction in pool closure time and lost earnings for swim schools, but also, it’s meant babies, children, and adult swimmers had less exposure to dangerous pathogens.


Why is this nappy more advanced? 

We thought we could do more. Firstly, we wanted to find a way of disabling or killing pathogens that did leak into the pool and secondly, we wanted to remove the requirement to wear a disposable swim nappy under the Happy Nappy. Environmentally, disposable swim nappies are a disaster, taking up to 500 years to breakdown in landfill and filling changing room bins with soiled nappies, which could pose a risk to swimmers and staff.

A gift from nature

The nuclear scientist mentioned that silver killed pathogens by cracking open their hard outer shell and thereby rendering the pathogen unable to reproduce, stopping the risk of infection and making them harmless. After extensive research we tracked down a cryptosporidium expert and leading virologist and went to work.

We trialled commercially available fabrics to no avail, even those that said they were antibacterial weren’t, some even promoted the growth of pathogens! The only thing we could do was commission our own fabric. Working in tandem with a world-renowned institute of fabric technology and alongside specialist scientists worldwide, we eventually developed the Happy Nappy DUO.

How we fixed it

With the same reliable, form-fitting outer shell of the Happy Nappy everyone knows and trusts, the DUO incorporates a 2nd liner, one that negates the need for a disposable nappy. It is specially constructed from patented silver materials and scientifically proven to kill pathogens including Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and even COVID within the nappy, meaning a safer swimming environment for all swimmers, a far safer changing room environment, and far less waste for the planet




Say goodbye to disposable nappies

Safer, cleaner, less environmental impact and more cost effective, what’s not to like? 

Using the best scientific minds, expert manufacturing and beautiful surface patterns to suit every taste, the Happy Nappy DUO is recommended by all baby swim schools and accepted as a double nappy system, the DUO is the only swim nappy you will ever need.








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