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Perfect Christmas Presents for Babies & Toddlers 2020
Posted on 30th November 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and we are sure your mind is already on what to buy for those special little people in your life. It can be so easy to panic buy especially with this limited time and even more so when it comes to getting the smaller pieces for the stocking but we have some rather useful, unique stocking filler ideas for you…

Christmas Gift Bundles
You can give the gift of swimming this Christmas with our Christmas packaged Christmas Gift bundles. Available in a Baby & Toddler & 2-6 Years Gift Boxes these Christmas gifts come in a Christmas tissue paper, tag & Christmas Box the perfect gift this Christmas.

Splash About Stocking Fillers You’ll Love

Goggles are always a really handy item to have for your children especially when they are learning to swim. Not only do they encourage their water confidence but they also protect their eyes from chlorine or saltwater. We have a gorgeous, fun range all of which are the perfect size to fit inside the stocking this Christmas!

Pufferfish Splash Balls
Our neoprene splash balls are a great gift. They are durable, waterproof, will provide hours of fun in both the pool and the bath plus they will help to reduce any fear of the water. These come in 3 bright colours and will not puncture or deflate. We love a gift that will just keep giving!

Pufferfish Dive Sticks
Dive sticks are often used during swimming lessons to encourage your child to enjoy going under the water. When dropped, they slowly descend as they fill with water, which gives your child enough time to react and grab it to bring it back up to the surface. These are perfect for a variety of ages and will also fit nicely inside that stocking.

Gift Vouchers
New for Christmas 2020, we are selling gift vouchers to use on our website for our best-selling products including the Happy Nappy, Baby Wrap Wetsuit, Happy Nappy Wetsuit & UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit.

Mini Water Soaker
Water fights are a fantastic way of getting over issues such as having water sprayed or splashed in a pool and a water soaker is a sure-fire way of providing lots of fun. Our mini soaker is just 15cm long but don’t let it’s size deceive you, it can still soak you from a good distance! These are also great for the garden in the summer too.

Splash Pals Teething Toy
For the younger swimmers who love to sink their teeth into anything, check out our splash pals teething toy range. Splash Pals are free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates. These floating friends are manufactured from natural rubbers and painted with vegetable-based paints, making them the perfect teething toy. They are also mould resistant and have no hole which can lead to mould build-up inside the toy. There are 4 cute designs to collect.  

Splash Jacks
Our other teething toy for your smallest people is our Splash Jacks. These are designed to stay afloat and will provide plenty of stimulation, swim fun plus will satisfy those teething needs. Made from natural rubber, they are anti-mould so are completely safe for little mouths to chew. 

Splash Pals Mirror
Another handy item for both the bath and the pool is a splashproof mirror. Our Splash Pals version is made from a high-density foam making it extremely durable, floatable and easy for them to hold and grab. Mirrors are a great way of encouraging your baby or toddler to lay on their backs in the water (whilst you cradle them) as it gives them a focus to look up at. In the bath it can be a good way of making this activity fun and less daunting.

We have a wide range of swimwear items available at Splash About but if you are looking for ones that will fit inside a stocking we can highly recommend:

The Happy Nappy
Splash Jammers
Hooded Towel
Rash Tops
Swim Shorts
Swimming Costumes


All will be useful gifts and will get plenty of wear both in the pool, at the beach, on holiday and in the garden.

From all of us here at Splash About we wish you a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!