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Posted on 12th December 2016

Updated 10/01/2024

Merry Christmas

It’s about to get very cold, so the weatherman confidently informed us this morning. Very cold and Christmas go together and I admit that at this festive time of year, I am mildly excited about the prospect of being able to use the outside as extra fridge space (unlike last year when it was so mild I swear there was frog spawn in the bird bath).

But as it gets colder outside, leisure activities including swimming get far less appealing. It’s one thing to skip out of swimming lessons with a wet pony tail, soaking t-shirt and a wriggly hungry 9 month old in the summer, but in winter that’s a special torture reserved for those hardy parents that make the rest of us look bad.


We know swimming with our children is a special bonding experience, we know it’s vital that our babies and toddlers learn about being in the water, that they learn the basics of floating and holding on to the sides, yes we know it all, but where’s the incentive when it’s freezing? I spoke to a bloke in charge of pools once for a large Hotel chain and he swore that they didn’t turn the temperature down in the pool area in the winter. No, apparently it just feels colder because when doors swing open and closed, cold air from outside mixes with the warm air inside making it cooler! Really??? He said that to me with a straight face! My suggestion of turning the heater up a bit to counteract this chill effect was met with a stony face and a lecture on costs and profit.


Air chill is a frequent complaint in the winter, in indoor pools and equally as frequent in outdoor pools in the summer. The combination of wet skin being hit with cool air can rapidly lower the body temperature especially with young children and babies, making everyone miserable. And watching your toddlers lips turn blue when they should be having fun just makes you feel like a rubbish parent. But there are solutions and this is the time of year to take advantage of them, maybe as a Christmas present from a grandparent, or for the child with everything. Invest in some warm in water swimwear and leave the wind chill factor behind.

Top warm in water swim wear


1. Top of the list for babies and toddlers under 3 has to be the Happy Nappy wetsuit. With its inbuilt poo protection and super soft neoprene this cosy and easy to fit wetsuit is proven to keep babies warm for up to an hour in the pool. With great designs for boys and girls this stylish 2 in 1 product is a great value buy for your swim bag in winter.


2. For very young babies, or those who feel the cold check out the fantastic warm-in-one. This is a full body, super soft and fleece lined wetsuit. Its special construction means that its also fantastic for those babies with sensitive skins as it ensures barrier creams stay in place during pool time.


3. For older babies and toddlers who are moving about more on their own and so helping to keep themselves warm, a baby wrap is ideal. It folds open completely flat and makes it really easy to get on and off wriggly small people. The baby wrap keeps the core body warm in the water, whilst giving maximum flexibility for arms and leg movements ensuring baby stays warm.

Top After Swim snugglers


Try out the Après Splash range of snuggly after swim wear, made from all natural bamboo charcoal cotton in a range of designs specially designed to trap warmth to the body whilst you bundle them back up again for the trip back home.**

No, sorry none of the above are in adult sizes and you cannot imagine how many times we get requests. Maybe this is something we should sample for next winter…

Happy Shivering



** Updated for 2024. Whilst the Apres Splash after swim towelling has now been discontinued, this has been replaced with an even better product, the After Swim Onesie. Lined with super soft fleece and designed to act as a onesie and a raincoat, you can put your baby in this straight from the pool and on the journey home. Keep them snugly and warm without the changing room fuss.