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5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm After Their Swim

Posted on 21st April 2021




Taking your baby swimming is such an important activity. Not only does it provide them with a new activity that stimulates both their mind and their body but it is also a fantastic way of bonding with you, their parents. Swimming can be fun, it can be interesting, it can be joyful and it can also be relaxing but we all know that this can quickly change once you step out of the pool. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature the way in which an adult can and they cannot move enough to keep themselves warm which means that they must heavily rely on you and your actions to help them when the temperature around them suddenly changes. Here are our 5 ways to keep your baby warm after their swim.

Have A Towel By The Poolside

This is your quick-fire method of preventing dramatic heat loss. By keeping your towel for your baby by the poolside, you will be able to step out and wrap them up immediately which will prevent them from becoming too cold too fast. It will also reassure them as they can snuggle into it and it will allow you to wrap your arms around them to help to keep that heat contained. If you purchase a hooded towel this will help even further as we lose most of our heat from our heads. Pop the hood up and you will be keeping them even warmer.


Dry Them Well

Once you are back inside your changing room, make sure that you see to your baby before yourself. Place a dry towel (if possible) onto the changing table so as not to place them onto a cold surface,  or use a changing mat. Then carefully dry them taking extra care to get under their arms, into their rolls, under the chin, and between their legs. If they are still damp when you pop their clothes on, they will feel this chill and will be uncomfortable.

Layer Up

Layers work really well to trap heat and to keep your baby nice and warm after their swim. Make sure you take enough clothes with you so that you have a good choice and also just in case anything gets wet whilst you are in the changing room.


Providing some warm milk after a swim will immediately warm and calm your baby. Swimming takes a lot out of their little bodies so they will need that nourishment pretty soon after leaving the pool. It is also perfect for any baby who finds the situation a little distressing as milk provides that reassurance for them and they should slowly begin to associate the swim and getting changed as a positive activity.


Our brand new after swim waterproof onesie is the perfect final touch for keeping your baby warm after their swim. This fleece-lined all-in-one provides full-body coverage in order to prevent heat loss. With a hood, ankle, and wrist cuffs as well as being waterproof, you can feel confident that they will be kept toasty all the way home.

By making the after swim experience just as positive as the swim itself, you will be making the whole activity enjoyable for your baby and they will love the pool as much as you!