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Splash About is world renowned for its unique, specialist, high quality swimwear and swimming accessories. Our products are sold all over the world, to retailers, swim schools, leisure centres and holiday parks and we offer several ways for businesses to work with us, in a way that works for them.

Splash About is the go-to supplier due to our commitment to delivering premium-quality products at competitive prices, while consistently staying ahead of the market in terms of innovation and design.

We are the first and only swimwear manufacturer to offer a swim nappy which uses the chemical properties of silver to actively kill germs within the nappy.

The Happy Nappy Duo™ and Splash Jammer Duo™ do exactly this, meaning that pools are now more protected than ever from the pathogens associated with faecal leaks.

Our Duo™ products have undergone years of testing by scientists, so we can confidently say we stand by our claims, that the Happy Nappy Duo™ and Splash Jammer Duo™ are the most advanced swim nappies in the world.

All of our baby swimming, learn to swim, swimwear, toys and accessories are made using the highest quality materials and we are constantly researching ways in which we can make these items even better, so that our customers can confidently sell our products, knowing they are giving their consumers the best quality and value.

We don’t stop at swimwear. We know that pools, parks and swim schools rely on pester power at their tills and we want to provide toys and accessories that appeal to parents as well as children. Our toys are not just toys, they are developmental tools to help children gain confidence and skills in the water. Not only that, but they are built to last, so parents can justify saying yes!

Take, for example, our eco-friendly Snippets toys. They are made from the ends of the rolls of neoprene , fabric that would otherwise go to waste. Not only does this cut down on the cost of the product for you, but it also helps to prevent filling landfills with unnecessary waste.

Our Sardine Snippets are weighted at the top of their heads, so that they swim, headfirst, to the bottom of the pool. We know children are encouraged by dive toys, and watching their cute friends swim down under the surface will encourage them to do the same. Our Starfish Snippets float on the surface with a happy smile, encouraging children to learn the art of floating. This is not a coincidence; this is the Splash About design team spending months researching and developing toys that have a purpose.


Our Pufferfish Flip and Float toys are tiny toys perfect for little hands to reach and grab whilst in the pool. Designed to flip over when tapped or splashed, they are a great way to help children develop cognitive and motor skills through play, as well as encouraging them to swim away from their adult to retrieve them. As these are Splash About toys, we have gone one step further and made these toys with no holes, meaning that water cannot become trapped inside and no mould can build up. This means they are long lasting and can be safely played with for years.



Splash About believe in products that are made using the highest quality materials, that have a practical purpose and that are appealing to children and adults alike. We are proud of our ranges and love to share this with our customers.

How to work with us

There are 3 ways you can work with us to make sales from our huge product range:

Open a trade account:

This allows you to purchase goods at wholesale prices, using our online ordering system. There is no minimum order quantity, you have real time access to stock levels and we offer flexible payment plans.

Drop Shipping:

We take care of your warehousing and shipping. Customers order through your own website. You will have access to real time stock and the flexibility to add and remove products from your range based on customer demand.

Affiliate Scheme:

A commission-based programme that allows businesses to earn from recommending Splash About to their customers. This is a no risk option for smaller businesses as you will not hold any stock and there is no set up required.