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Posted 11/07/2024

Choosing Swimwear: From Pool Play to Beach Adventures

Planning a day at the pool or going on holiday soon? You'll need swimwear for the whole family. While choosing swimsuits and trunks might seem easy, the sheer variety of options available for adults and children can make it challenging. 

From swimsuits and trunks to wetsuits and options for babies, choosing the right swimwear is essential for safety and comfort. In this post, we'll reveal the best options for different water activities.

Pool Play

Whether you're heading to the local pool with your family or preparing your private swimming pool for summer (lucky you), having the right swimwear is essential. 

Choosing appropriate swimsuits, trunks, and accessories ensures the kids can play while you relax. Here are the best swimwear options for pool play. 


Finding the right balance between comfort and freedom of movement ensures your family has a great time at the pool while practising some water skills. A well-fitting swimsuit reduces water drag and also promotes comfort. 

Remember, protecting your skin is important if you're using an outdoor pool. Our range of girls' swimsuits, including the ever-popular jungle swimming costume, uses UPF50+ fabrics for superior sun protection. Our newest addition to the girls collection, the swimming costume Sunsuit, has long sleeves to cover the most vulnerable areas whilst kids are in the pool, for ultimate peace of mind.

The ladies' swimsuit collection offers comfort without sacrificing style. From tummy-control costumes to classic black styles, our website offers beautiful, practical swimwear to boost your confidence around the pool.

Swim Shorts

Swim Shorts (sometimes called Trunks) are perfect for pool play because they don't restrict movement but will stay in place during water games. Our boy's swim shorts come in a range of fun designs, including shark patterns and subtle colours for older boys. 

Suitable for children aged 0-13, most come with adjustable drawstrings and use soft materials for added comfort. Men can stock up on Navy or Forest Green swim shorts with drawstrings and tapered legs to prevent water drag.

Float Jackets

Learn to swim Float Jackets and Swim Vests are ideal for children who want to swim in the pool but need a little bit of extra support.

Designed to help teach kids to swim, the bouyancy is postioned around the body, supporting the child in the correct position for learning to swim.

Splash About have a range of colours and styles designed to suit your requirements. Choose from the award-winning, travel friendly Swim Vest with flat, non-removable floats, or the classic Float Jacket with adjustable buoyancy for helping children find their own balance in the water.

Our Learn to swim aids are designed for children aged one to six years.


Beach Adventures

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Whether you're heading to the Great British seaside or embarking on a far-flung adventure, you'll want to prepare for lots of fun and games. Aside from grabbing the buckets and spades, choosing the right clothing is also essential. 

Being on a beach often means higher levels of sun exposure, and sand can also irritate your skin. Don't worry; these swimwear options will keep the whole family safe and comfortable. 

Rash Tops

Rash tops are a wise investment if you're spending time on the beach. They're tight-fitting shirts made of quick-drying materials that form a barrier between the skin and potential irritants. 

For example, playing in the sand, bodyboarding and swimming in the sea can cause skin rashes due to friction. However, many parents also buy rash tops for their children as they offer higher UV protection levels. 

Kids will love the options available from Splash About. Lightweight and cool and available in a variery of designs to appeal to all little boys and girls.


Wetsuits are ideal if your family plans to spend time in the sea. They offer higher levels of protection and also provide thermal insulation. 

Splash About kids wetsuits are ideal for the beach. Choose the Shorty Wetsuit if your child intends to spend most of their time in the water. The warmest wetsuit in the collection at 2mm thick, it protects children against the cold of the water as well as the sun.

If your child is more about the beach and playing in the sand, then the UV Sun and Sea Suit is the perfect choice. Slightly thinner at 1mm thick, it has stretchy arms and panels in the side to allow maximum freedom of movement.

Thermal Swimwear

Some children are happy in the water, whether rain or shine, so you'll need to find options to keep them warm. Thermal swimwear is designed to go under wetsuits or everyday clothing when partaking in outdoor activities in cooler weather. Our Thermaswim range for babies and toddlers, can be worn on their own as swimwear too. With 4 way stretch and fluffy, warm lining, they keep children cosy, even if the weather is bad.


Swimwear for Babies and Toddlers

Babies might need extra support in the water, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't join in the fun. Naturally, you'll want to ensure your little one has the best protection without compromising comfort. Here are the best swimwear options for babies.

Costumes with Reusable Swim Nappies

If your little one isn't potty trained, you'll need to ensure they have protection in the water. Unfortunately, traditional nappies won't prevent leaks, and disposable swim nappies aren't great for the environment.

Buying a reusable swim nappy lets your child enjoy swimming without the worry of leaks. Our award-winning Happy Nappy™ Costume is an ideal choice for younger girls. It features an inbuilt neoprene Happy Nappy™ that effectively contains solids and eliminates the risk of pool closing accidents.

The Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit is an alternative choice with styles for boys and girls, and provides extra warmth for babies who feel the cold in the water.

Swim Nappies for Toddlers

Splash Jammers are a reusable swim nappy in shorts form. They help toddlers to feel more grown up, even if they need the support of a swim nappy. The neoprene shorts are comfortable and supple, moving with the child, leaving no gaps for leaks to escape from, whilst the high waist and silicone seals ensure all solids are kept within the Jammer. A game changer for those growing out of nappies.

Optional Extras

So, now you've got swimwear sorted, it's time to think about accessories and toys:


Toys are an essential part of any trip to the pool and will keep the kids entertained for hours. We'd recommend smaller or softer toys for younger children so that they can easily hold and grab them, for this we love the Pufferfish Flip and Float Toys or our brand new eco-friendly Snippets.

If you want your children to build confidence in the water, dive toys are and excellent way to encourage them to get their heads wet and swim underwater. The Splash Streamers are brilliant toys, sinking to the bottom of the pool and waving like seaweed so they can easily be seen.


The right accessories can really help your child develop their swimming skills. Try a pair of goggles to enhance underwater visibilty or a floatboard to help strengthen legs and perfect stroke technique.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it: everything you need for epic pool days and beach adventures. Stocking up on swimwear now ensures you and the family can enjoy the warmer weather and spend plenty of time in the water. 

Shopping with Splash About gives you access to high-quality swimwear for people of all ages. 

With fast UK delivery and an expert team of swimming enthusiasts ready to answer all your questions, we're always available. Please get in touch if you need support. 

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