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Posted 08/05/2024

Celebrating Our Recent Success at the BizzieBaby Awards

In the vast landscape of parenting products, it takes something truly exceptional to stand out from the crowd. At Splash About, excellence isn't just a goal; it's the standard woven into the fabric of everything we do. Recently, the results of the BizzieBaby Awards were announced, and we emerged as a shining star, garnering accolades for our innovative and parent-approved products. Receiving this feedback is invaluable to our mission of providing parents with top-quality baby swim and learn to swim products for their little ones.

Happy Nappy Gold Award

Finding the right reusable swim nappy solution can be a game-changer. The Happy Nappy earnt top honours for its effectiveness and affordability, offering parents a reliable alternative to disposable swim nappies while keeping their little ones comfortable and protected in the water.

One tester commented:

“So much better and cheaper than disposable nappies”

Pufferfish Pool & Bath ToysGold Award

Bath time is a cherished ritual for both parents and children, and finding the perfect bath toys can make all the difference. The Pufferfish Pool & Bath Toys not only captivate little ones with their playful designs but also address a common concern among parents – mould. The soft yet mould-resistant nature of these toys sets them apart, making bath time safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

One tester commented:

“It’s so hard to find bath toys which are soft, but do not go mouldy and these fit the bill.”

Changing Mat - Silver Award

Changing Nappies is a task that every parent is familiar with, and having the right changing mat can make the experience significantly more comfortable for both parent and baby. Our Changing Mat earnt praise for its thickness and material, which provides added comfort and warmth.

One tester commented:

Due to the thickness of the mat and the material used, we had less shivers, definitely less tears and fuss when getting changed”


Warm-in-OneSilver Award

A common concern among parents is keeping their little ones warm and comfortable during colder months. The Warm-in-One provides warmth whilst protecting sensitive baby skins from the harsh chemicals in pool water, and its thoughtful design makes changing quick and stress-free.

One tester commented:

“Definitely recommend for eczema prone babies. Oh, I loved the opening! Zara is such a wriggly baby and the deep opening helped changing times so much quicker and stress free.”

The Importance of Feedback: Why These Awards Matter To US

We know that parenting is no easy feat, and navigating the sea of products available can be overwhelming. Winning awards based on real feedback from parents like you, serves as a validation of our commitment to understanding and addressing your needs. It affirms that our products resonate with real families and make a tangible difference to your daily lives

We recognise that trust is paramount when it comes to selecting products for your children. Awards such as these serve as trusted endorsements, guiding parents towards products that have been tried, tested, and approved by their peers. We hope that by winning awards, this instils confidence, reassuring you that you’re making the right choice for your little ones when you choose our products.

Of course, feedback from awards isn't just a pat on the back; it's a catalyst for our continuous improvement and innovation. By listening to the feedback from parents and incorporating your suggestions, we can refine our products, address any concerns, and further enhance your parenting experience. Awards serve as a roadmap for future development, guiding us towards even greater heights of excellence.

Finally, behind every award-winning product is a dedicated team of designers and professionals who pour passion and expertise into bringing it to life. Winning awards is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the product development process, from concept to creation. It's a moment of pride and celebration for the entire Splash About team, reaffirming our collective commitment to excellence.